Richard and myself again. A nice small local race down in Kent organised by Larkfield Athletic Club with just over 400 runners. I think the course has moved since but at the time it was around the Leybourne Lakes Country Park, starting out on roads, then onto the paths around the lakes and back onto roads with a short grassy finish. No chip timing that year. We set off at a murderous pace for the first mile but had enough sense to rein it in a bit, I then got ahead of Richard for a few miles before he caught me back up. There was a steep hill close to the finish and I pushed on up and got a bit of a lead again. We then turned foff the road for the final run in across grass. I was confident I had it but failed to look back and spot the danger, with just a few metres to go I heard 'gotta be done' and Richard nipped past me to take the honours. I was so surprised and tired a stpooedjust past the line and doubled up to get my breath. What I didn't realise was the system was like parkrun, you carried on up a short chute to the officials who gave you a finish position and tallied with the timekeeper. Several following runners hadd streamed past me before some kinder soul ushered me up the chute. As a consequence the official result shows me several places behind Richard, in reality he completed the race in 112th place with 44.42 and I was a second behind. We had a laugh about his dastardly finish tactics, which were completely fair of course, and I think they had some nice cake. It was a PB for us both. No race pictures, the only one I have is from the Kent Messenger.

Setting off, looking grim in green with Richard just behind to my left