We get some bad news. The Rykjavik Marathon has made a mistake with one of their marker points. Although the race is AIMS registered and accurately measured, a turn around point at the end of a loop back was moved in temporarily to ease traffic congestion before the start of the 2018 race - and then not moved back again. As a result the course was 213 metres short. Our Boston Marathon applications are rejected because of this. Oh well - we are just going to have to run fast over the next twelve months and aim to qualify for the 2020 Boston. We are going back to Seville in February....


For the past year I've been writing my first book, at least I have if it turns out ok!

It's a non elite journey of my progress from years of running for fitness into early races, marathons and onto ultra marathons. I ran my first marathon when I was fifty two and progressed to the 2017 one hundred miler at sixty two. Along the way there have been plenty of highs and a quite a few lows, lots of relentless training and some crazy escapades.

Now I just have to finish it.